Parent Coordination

Communication, cooperation, and collaboration are often difficult for parents who live in separate Indiana homes.  In the day and age of quick communication via text and email, real communication is often lost.  Separated parents often lose objectivity and perspective.  Parent Coordination is a service I provide to help parents communicate for the welfare and the benefit of their children.   As a parent coordinator, I work with parents to establish methods of communication and resolution of differences in parenting styles and selection of children’s activities.  

I will work with you to:

  • Improve Communication

  • Ease parenting time transitions

  • Establish boundaries and parenting styles

  • Institute methods for successful co-parenting

  • Develop communication methods that evolve as the children grow

  • Work through parenting-time concerns

Indiana Parenting Time & Child Support Resources

The following links may be useful in learning about parenting time and child support in Indiana.

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