My Story: Why Having a Will is Important

Wills and estate planning are important steps to protecting your family in Indiana when unexpected events happen.

After more than 20 years of marriage, my first husband passed away at the age of 43. As a new widow, I was left with three children, a home, and everything that came with probating his will. Fortunately, as an attorney, we had a will, actually a family trust, in place. We had named guardians and a trustee. Generally, we were well prepared which made things fairly easy to work through.

We never think that we will become a widow, or a widower, or that we will leave our children as orphans. Its uncomfortable to think about.

We live in a society where travel a lot, we’re in traffic, and illnesses occur. It is important to have a plan. Know where your assets will go. Know how you want your money spent and who will spend it. Know who will take care of your children. Plan to make the best of a bad situation, and don’t leave it to the Indiana courts to decide.